Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies: How to Maximize These?

Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies: How to Maximize These?

You will be left behind if you are still adapting the traditional way from your parents, grandparents, family members, and society in general in which you are going to stay in your lane for what they want. With their way of how we taught us would not help us succeed faster. The time is now to adapt digital marketing.

Do you know that there is the best way to achieve your goals? You need to decide to take a big leap in entrepreneurship. The sooner you decide to shift yourself into the entrepreneurial mindset, the sooner you will open more doors and opportunities.

You need to feel amazed to work with the clients who are like-minded not on the people who have the traditional mindset. You can also use this unfair advantage to promote your products and services for your business.


The Facts About Why You Need To Adapt Digital Marketing


You need to sail with the current right now. Otherwise, you will be left behind in the trend. Remember technologies are changing from time to time. Here are the facts that you need to be aware of:


1. The unemployment situation here in the Philippines

Based on the 2014 figures in Southeast Asia, we have the highest unemployment rate as of 2012 – 2017 compared to other Asian countries despite our growing economy. It is because the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer.



2. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are being sent home

The remittances of OFW are starting to slow down in the past 10 years. Here are the reasons:

  • De-risking -> closing of remittance providers
  • Employment of Nationals over Migrants
  • Cheap oil
  • Decline in job deployment overseas


3. Jobs in the BPO industry are disappearing

Call centers are predicted to disappear in 10 years. Here are the reasons:

  • Low margins
  • Virtual agents
  • US companies prefer to hire local
  • Automation and bots



4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bots are replacing our jobs

Be warned of this latest trend because it’s happening right now. According to the headlines, news, and other different sources, jobs in the next decade will be replaced by robots.

Here are the jobs at risk of being replaced by robots:

  • Middle Management
  • Sales People
  • Sports and Financial Journalists
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Doctors and Surgeons
  • Bank Tellers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Construction Workers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Lawyers
  • Call Center Representatives
  • Telemarketing Representatives
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Cashiers
  • Inventory Managers
  • Farmers
  • and jobs that are routine, repetitive, and predictable. (The Guardian)



You need to leap now, while there is still time while you are still employed.

You need to adapt the trend of digital marketing now.


5 Steps to Establish Your Long-Term Digital Marketing Skills

Establish your confidence to learn digital marketing for you to earn your income from the comfort of your home. Have patience, determination, and commitment to learning this trend. Don’t be shy to brand yourself to reach out to people on what products and services that you are going to offer them.

Change your way of thinking when you are talking to the clients. Make a goal to target high-value clients for you to earn big income for this opportunity. You only lived once so make the most of it. Don’t settle for mediocrity or ordinary that you are shy about something and being ashamed of nonsense stuff.

As you go along this journey, you need to surpass all the challenges for you to become successful someday. Make it a habit to practice one skill that you are uncomfortable with it to boost up your self-confidence.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs like “I am too old, I cannot be the writer,” “I am only an undergraduate, I can’t be promoted in the company,” “There are many experience freelancers out there, so freelancer is not for me,” and many more that would hinder your goals.

Do you know about the fact that why Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs succeeded? It is because they have a coach. Just don’t let the limiting beliefs hinder your success because anything is possible.

Society dictated about how we raised traditionally, so there are so many limiting beliefs.

Remember as Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Here are the 5 steps to establish your long-term digital marketing skills:


1. The best time to adapt digital marketing is now

Trends are changing from time to time so better start now than you left behind of what’s going on about the current trends. You need to decide as early as now for you to break the system of the old belief system that you have from your parents, grandparents, family members, and society in general.

Spend more time in doing the study and research that fits your preference.

The beliefs injected into our system with this statement “Study hard, get good grades, and have a good job.” is already obsolete in the time of era right now.

Network marketing business is not an answer.
Graduating with a higher degree is not an answer.
Being employed by the company is not an answer.
Employed in a higher position job is not an answer.

Venture in entrepreneurship is an answer. Learn and implement it in the right way. The time is now.


2. Have a clear and compelling “why”

Focus on creative and innovative things on being an entrepreneur for you to achieve your time and financial freedom. Think of many ways on why you want to achieve it.

What is your deepest why? Your family, your time and financial freedom, and many more. You have to do whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals. Work something that you are uncomfortable about one at a time.

You want to have an intention, feel it, and emotionalize in taking action towards your goals. Your big “why” can think of many ways on how to achieve those things. You need to give them the best that you can ever have.


3. You must adapt the growth mindset

You must always have a focus on upgrading yourself. If the plant is not growing, it dies. This principle would also apply to your system. You need to invest in yourself as the key for you to grow.

You need to invest in books, seminars, training, and networking (not MLM or multi-level marketing) events for you to upgrade yourself. These things would help you upgrade your mindset, qualities as a human being, habits, personality, and personal development.

Remember time is money. Don’t just focus on being employed and self-employed for a long time that you are trading your time for money. Focus on the business system that is working for you.

Learn to maximize the 24 hours/day to earn money. Also, learn the principle of leveraging for you to earn residual or passive income. This would happen when you have patience, determination, and commitment. Someday, more time is working for you.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Failing is not bad, that’s fine. It is a learning lesson for you towards your success.


4. Have a mentor to guide you

Information is overwhelming on the internet. Most people wanted to save more money just to learn from the free resources from Google and Youtube. As a result, you feel frustrated after you spend your time and effort in implementing what you learned. You need to find the mentors which would guide you towards your goals.

Have some time to hang out with them personally if possible. They can selflessly share some of the free tips that would help you in your journey. Take it as the most precious time in your life.

You need to take an unfair advantage to have mentors and coaches in your life that aligns your vision and your goals. Make sure that they are credible and have a value of integrity.


5. Adapt the environment of like-minded people with goals

Try to hang out and spend time with the people who have goals in life and big dreams. Stay positive and surround yourself with them.

Try to listen to the podcasts or motivational audiobooks instead of listening and watching some dramas and news. 

Time will come you can achieve the things that you want slowly but surely if you are continuously learning from those people and implement what you learned.  


Get ready to maximize the digital marketing tools and strategies! Learn it from my mentors to teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur, how to maximize digital marketing tools and strategies (social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc.) and other up-to-date trends about the latest technologies emerging from time to time.

You can use these tools and strategies to serve your clients to grow their business efficiently, to promote your products and services for your business, or both. I teach and guide people how to build the business in digital space starting from build value until they find their purpose.

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